What Is Freelance Copywriting and Why It Dominates in 2023?

Do you want to create content that resonates with customers and drives more business but don’t know where to start? The opening you need is to understand the critical question: What is freelance copywriting, and how can it benefit your business?

Drawing on years of research and insights gathered from subject matter experts, this article will show you how freelance copywriters can help your business. From using specialized copywriters for complex projects to saving time and money recruiting employees – there are lots of advantages to hire freelance copywriters.

Key Takeaways

  • Freelance copywriting is creating compelling content for businesses and clients on a contractual basis, usually with flexible work rates.

  • Hiring a freelance copywriter provides businesses with fresh and original content regularly, which they can use to engage their customer base.

  • Their services have increased flexibility, allowing companies to adjust quickly and produce engaging content.

  • With access to experienced professionals on an “as needed” basis, companies gain invaluable expertise no matter how big or small the project is.

  • Delegating copywriting allows in-house teams to focus on their core areas while obtaining SEO optimization advice from specialized writers – helping improve website rankings and organic traffic over time.

  • With the right direction and guidance, you can become a freelance copywriter through self-paced coursework, networking, and mentorship from top copywriting professionals.

What Is Freelance Copywriting?

Freelance Copywriting Defined

Freelance copywriting is the practice of creating persuasive content for clients on a contract or project basis. It involves all aspects of written communication, from brainstorming ideas to crafting words to help achieve client goals.

Unleash Potential: Understanding What is Freelance Copywriting and Its Impact in 2023.
Characteristics of Freelance Copywriting

A freelance copywriter specializes in developing and delivering effective messages for a specific audience, brand, and purpose. Freelancers typically research the target audience and then write compelling copy designed to connect with them at an emotional level in order to move them to take action, such as buying a product or service.

They may also be responsible for editing existing material, suggesting design changes, collaborating with other creatives on projects, and managing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Working remotely gives freelancers the flexibility they need financially and creatively when producing high-quality content—no matter how big or small the project is.

Role and Responsibilities of a Freelance Copywriter

As you become a freelance copywriter, you’ll wear multiple hats, each with unique responsibilities. This includes writing, researching, interviewing, editing, and proofreading. Here are some those hats:

Content CreatorCraft compelling content that motivates readers to take action, such as making a purchase or clicking on a link.
ResearcherConduct thorough research to understand the topic, audience, and objectives of the content.
Editor and ProofreaderReview and revise content to ensure it is free from errors and communicates the intended message effectively.
CommunicatorMaintain clear and regular communication with clients to understand their needs and expectations.
MarketerUnderstand and apply marketing principles to create persuasive content that drives results for businesses.
Copywriter Role and Responsibilities

Five Ways Freelance Copywriting Benefits Your Business

Freelance online copywriting can assist businesses in creating impactful messages that drive results while allowing in-house teams to focus on other key areas.

Copy That Resonates With Customers

Creating copy that resonates with customers is of paramount importance. Let’s face it… Businesses need content that speaks volumes and convinces their target audience to take action in order to stand out from their competitors.

Copy that resonates with customers contain these elements.
Write Copy That Resonates

Hiring a freelance copywriter can help them achieve this by producing engaging advertising copy tailored toward their desired customer base. An experienced professional writer will be able to craft compelling stories around core values and goals, painting an attractive narrative about what makes a business unique compared to its market rivals.

Why? Because copy isn’t just words – it should invoke emotion among readers while conveying key messages effectively so that customers know exactly what they’re getting when they purchase products or services.

Access to Specialized Copywriters

Having access to specialized copywriters is like having a treasure trove of unique writing talent at your fingertips. Strategically harnessing these specialized skills can turbocharge content creation and marketing. Now, let’s dive into the key benefits you can get from accessing specialized copywriters:

Specialized CopywritersBrief DescriptionBenefits
SEO CopywritersExperienced in search engine optimization. They specialize in producing SEO-friendly content that can improve your online visibility and rankings.By incorporating keywords into content, they can help your business rank higher in search engine results, attract more traffic, and ultimately convert more customers.
Niche-Specific CopywritersCopywriters who have expertise in a specific industry or niche. They understand the unique language, trends, and pain points of your target audience.They craft targeted messages that resonate with a target audience, increasing engagement and customer conversions. Their knowledge makes content authentic and trustworthy.
Brand Voice CopywritersCopywriters who excel in adapting to different brand voices and tones. They maintain consistency across all your marketing materials.
They ensure your business communicates a consistent brand image and message across different platforms. This consistency increases brand recognition and loyalty.
Creative CopywritersCopywriters who can think outside the box and bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your campaigns.Their creativity can give your business a competitive edge, grabbing the attention of your audience and making your content stand out in a sea of online content.
Types of Specialized Copywriters

As you see in the table, you can easily pinpoint who you need for a specific project. Harnessing the power of specialized copywriters gives you the tools to take your content creation and marketing to the next level.

Cost Effective Compared to Hiring In-house Employees

Hiring a freelance copywriter is much more cost effective for businesses than an in-house employee. One upfront payment usually covers an entire project, and you don’t need to worry about other costs associated with hiring employees, such as salary, benefits, overtime pay or training.

Freelance writers also generally charge lower rates for longer projects, so it can be even cheaper if you look at larger amounts of work in the long run. Furthermore, because they specialize in their craft, most freelance copywriters produce quality content that could exceed achievable within a short timeframe by someone unfamiliar with writing copy for marketing materials.

Getting high-quality results without relying on an internal team makes working with freelancers far more efficient, not only financially but procedurally as well.

Time-saving For Business Owners

As every business owner knows, time is of the essence – and having extra work completed by knowledgeable professionals will give businesses more flexibility to take on larger projects or focus their attention on other areas within the company.

One reason why is freelance copywriters are specially-trained experts with knowledge of SEO techniques who understand how to produce compelling content that converts and helps brands build an audience.

Working with a freelancer frees up valuable time, which otherwise would have gone toward creating marketing materials. In addition, outsourcing copywriting tasks allows them to streamline processes to maximize efficiency and limit errors while ensuring quality results.

This makes it easier for businesses to launch new products, services, or campaigns without overloading themselves with unnecessary workloads. As a new content business owner, for example, you might have your hands full setting up your new headless content management system.

With the assistance of highly skilled freelance copywriters, businesses can do what they need quickly while achieving meaningful progress simultaneously.

Summary: Five Ways Freelance Copywriting Benefits Your Business
Summary: Five Ways Freelance Copywriting Benefits Your Business

Expands Your Creative Ideas

Working with a freelance copywriter can be an invaluable source of inspiration and new ideas for bloggers and writers. Freelancers often bring fresh perspectives from different industries, allowing them to draw on an extensive range of knowledge and expertise.

This means they are more likely to develop creative solutions that better target the intended audience or convey crucial complex topics in ways that resonate and generate interest. Additionally, working with a freelance copywriter may provide access to resources not available internally, such as specialized tools, stock images, or other materials which could help bring their content further to life.

For example, if you’re writing about cryptocurrencies but not well-versed in this niche topic yet, a cryptocurrency copywriter would have the technical expertise needed without having it booked upfront as an expensive consultant might require.

How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Hiring a good freelance copywriter can be a cakewalk by first determining your needs, researching potential freelancers and, reviewing portfolios before interviews, setting clear expectations and communication.

Define Your Needs

Finding the right fit for your freelance copywriting needs starts with determining your requirements. Nailing down exactly what type of content you’re looking for will help you find a copywriter who can deliver quality tailored to your business goals and objectives.

Key questions to consider are:

  • What tone should my copy have?

  • Who will be my target audience?

  • What platform(s) am I using?

  • Are there any particular topics or keywords related to the project?

  • How involved does editing need to be?

Key questions should be front and center when deciding if you need a freelance copywriter or not.

Answering these questions ahead of time allows potential writers to understand far better what it is you need, so they can evaluate if this is something suited to them or not.

Further, understanding precisely which direction you want to go in helps ensure that when approaching the task at hand, both parties agree on expectations and outcomes from the beginning helping streamline processes along the way and avoid costly complications later on.

Research Potential Freelance Copywriters

Finding the right freelance copywriter to work with your business can be challenging if you don’t know where to start looking. There are several strategies and platforms businesses can access to research and identify potential freelance copywriters that will make sense for their needs:

  1. Networking – Reach out to colleagues, friends, or connections in writing-related fields who may have recommendations based on personal experience.

  2. Job Boards – Check job boards like ProBlogger or recruiting sites like Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer that focus specifically on connecting freelancers and employers quickly and easily online.
  3. LinkedIn – Use the advanced search feature to find freelancers equipped with various writing skill sets for your project(s).

  4. Word of Mouth – Ask individuals or companies with similar projects what type of writers they used so you can gain insights into which freelancers offer quality work without having to sift through dozens of resumes yourself.

  5. Content Platforms – Search content platforms such as Contently to find experienced creative writers serving digital media-based outlets already employing them full-time — but usually available on a per-project basis due to demand from other clients — that could be the perfect fit for your project(s).
These are some of my go-to Job Boards and Platforms to find Freelance Copywriters.
Job Boards and Platforms to find Freelance Copywriters

Review Portfolios and Past Work

Reviewing their past work and portfolio is important when considering hiring a freelance copywriter for your business. A strong portfolio serves as the copywriter’s resume, giving potential clients an idea of what they can expect from them regarding quality, style, and tone.

It showcases the individual’s technical writing, skills and expertise by demonstrating their body of work, including projects that demonstrate high-quality results, specialized niche expertise, and outstanding creativity/originality.

Also, portfolios expose businesses to a variety of creative sample works which could be beneficial for company purposes such as marketing campaigns or website content optimization.

Examining portfolios give businesses insights into how much value each copywriter brings to the table before making commitments with anyone in particular – ultimately resulting in better stress-free results.

Interview and Assess Compatibility

Interviews and assessments of writing samples can help ensure the writer is compatible with your business goals and objectives. Ask relevant questions during the interview process to better understand a potential candidate’s writing style, experience, and industry knowledge.

Assessing compatibility also requires evaluating factors such as the writer’s creative thinking skills, ability to provide fresh ideas and concepts for content creation purposes, interest in research or inquiry tasks related to the line of work, etc.

Taking these steps can enable business owners to choose someone who will write high-quality work that meets their standards and requirements while helping them reach desired outcomes.

Furthermore, it allows businesses additional insights into which freelancers are best suited for particular projects or assignments based on their capabilities, whether specialized SEO writing or social media content marketing, or through textual formats.

Establish Clear Communication and Expectations

When it comes to hiring a freelance copywriter, setting up clear communication and expectations is key. Without this foundation in place, the client may not know what to expect from the freelancer’s work.

Similarly, without understanding clients’ requirements and objectives for the project, a freelance copywriter won’t be able to develop appropriate content tailored toward meeting these goals.

By taking some time upfront to communicate effectively with one another, both parties can save frustration down the line while ensuring successful collaboration.

Having a strong communication channel keeps all stakeholders informed — including on deadlines and any changes that occur throughout the course of production — so everyone knows what is expected of them at each step in the process.

Setting expectations between client and copywriter helps establish boundaries and develop trust among one another – both imperative elements when working together on an ongoing basis or on large-scale projects.


Hiring a freelance copywriter for your business can be an incredibly smart and efficient decision. The main advantage is access to specialized professionals with the skills and expertise needed to create top-notch content that resonates with their audience.

It also provides businesses access to varied creative perspectives, which are often difficult or expensive to replicate in-house. In addition, freelance copywriters represent a cost-effective solution for small businesses wishing to increase their online presence without breaking the bank.

With diverse skill sets available and new clients on tap, companies of all sizes can benefit from engaging with talented experts who understand how best to communicate their message across various media platforms.

Finally, leveraging highly experienced freelancers helps free up staff resources so they can focus on core areas while easily obtaining fresh results through readily available content creators.

FAQs in Relation to What is Freelance Copywriting

1. What is freelance copywriting?

Freelance copywriting is the act of creating original content for a variety of clients with the aim to educate, inform or persuade audiences through promotional materials such as brochures, website texts, and blog posts.

2. How will hiring a freelance copywriter benefit my business?

Hiring a professional freelance copywriter can help take your marketing efforts to the next level by producing engaging, easy-to-understand content that speaks directly to your target audience and provides them with valuable information about your products or services.

This can result in increased visibility online, improved customer loyalty, and higher levels of conversion rates from visitors who have learned more about what you offer firsthand after reading well-crafted messages created by experienced professionals.

3. Is there anything I should consider before working with a freelancer?

Yes – aside from researching their portfolio & reviews – you want to make sure they deliver high-quality results within agreed-upon timeframes while staying close communication during the entire process so any changes/requests are addressed promptly without prolonging the timeline too much further, which could negatively affect the upcoming deadlines/goals set forth beforehand based on severity situation at hand (i.e., logo design).

Additionally – establish payment terms upfront before engaging anyone outside the organization. That way, all parties involved remain coherent throughout the duration project runs smoothly due to new responsibilities taking up extra workload(s).

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