What is Curated Content? 4 Tips and Best Practices

It’s an interesting question: “What is curated content?” It has become increasingly popular as businesses look to provide valuable insights to their audience while saving time on content creation.

We will delve into curated content, how it saves time and resources, and how it boosts visibility on social media. We will also explore examples of effective content curation through case studies like Almost Timely News and The Newsette

We’ll share best practices for adding value through curation, such as crediting original sources and using a content calendar for better organization.

We’ll also look at the tools that can streamline your curation. 

By understanding what is curated content and implementing tactics in your business strategy, you can elevate your brand’s online presence while engaging with audiences in a meaningful way.

What is Curated Content?

You may have encountered the concept of “curated content” and wondered what it is. 

Essentially, it is collecting, arranging, and exhibiting information from multiple sources, then adding value through personal insights or commentary while giving proper credit to original authors.

It helps businesses and writers provide their audiences with valuable content without creating everything from scratch.

What is the Purpose of Curated Content?

The main purpose is to offer valuable information to your target audience. Curating content will help establish your brand as an industry expert, save time producing new material, increase engagement on social media, and drive traffic to your business.

Benefits of Curated Content

So, what is curated content? It is the strategic process of discovering, aggregating, and sharing high-quality, relevant content from various sources with your audience. This approach comes with numerous benefits:

Saves Time and Resources

Content curation allows you to maintain an active online presence without investing significant resources into creating original materials. 

Instead, by finding valuable pieces from multiple sources, you can provide fresh insights for your readers while saving time for other tasks like growing your business or developing new products.

Boosts Visibility on Social Media

A robust presence on social media is key for any digital business or blogger wanting to establish and strengthen their brand. Sharing curated content consistently lets you to stay top-of-mind among followers who are more likely to engage with informative posts than promotional messages alone. 

This strategy allows you to build credibility as a go-to resource within your niche. Here’s how:

  • Social Media: Share articles related to topics within your industry using Facebook or Twitter, where users consume news updates daily. You can manage all this on one platform like Beacons AI, where you can build your dream curated content business.
  • Email Campaigns: Curate information into newsletters or email campaigns, providing information to subscribers while driving traffic to your website.
  • Blogging: Write a blog post, starting with an outline, that summarizes key takeaways from multiple resources on a specific topic. Write an engaging and informative piece for readers who don’t have time to read each full article.
  • Leverage: Use ContentGems and Hootsuite to streamline finding share-worthy material online. You can quickly become a respected figure in your niche while conserving time and funds.
Bottom line…

Curated content can be a powerful tool to save time and resources while boosting visibility on social media.

As we continue answering that question “What is curated content?” let’s look at some of my favorite, excellent examples!

Examples of Effective Content Curation

Curated content is a powerful tool for bloggers and online entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves as go-to resources within their niche – We’ve established that!

Two prime examples of successful content curation are Christopher Penn’s weekly newsletter, Almost Timely News, and The Newsette.

Almost Timely News

Almost Timely News is a weekly newsletter that curates the best articles and resources in digital marketing, technology trends, and business news. 

Each week, you’ll get some of the top news and articles in marketing, analytics, data science, and AI, plus original videos and a letter from Christopher Penn
Christopher Penn’s Almost Timely Newsletter – https://christopherspenn.com

It not only keeps readers informed about important developments in their field but also provides actionable insights they can apply to their businesses or projects.

I’m a fan of this newsletter because it:

  • Saves Time: Provides a digestible summary of top stories each week. Almost Timely News saves me the effort required to sift through countless articles on various platforms.
  • Offers Diverse Perspectives: Includes pieces from different authors across multiple industries, offering fresh viewpoints on topics relevant to its target audience.
  • Gives Actionable Advice: Christopher adds his own commentary or tips based on his extensive experience in digital marketing – giving subscribers even more value from each issue.

The Newsette

The Newsette is another excellent example of effective content curation in action. This daily newsletter focuses on empowering women by sharing inspiring stories, career advice, and lifestyle tips from various sources.

It is able to curate content that aligns with its mission of promoting female empowerment.

The Newsette is a next gen media company and custom creative agency that empowers, motivates, and informs women every morning.
The Newsette.

The Newsette has cultivated a loyal following of readers who appreciate its unique perspectives. Here is why The Newsette is so successful:

  • Themed Curation: Each issue revolves around a specific theme or topic (e.g., productivity hacks), making it easy for subscribers to find relevant information quickly.
  • Inclusive Approach: It can curate content from well-known publications and lesser-known blogs – ensuring a diverse range of voices are represented in its curated pieces.
  • Beyond Industry News: Unlike many newsletters focusing solely on business-related topics, The Newsette also includes sections dedicated to wellness, fashion trends, and personal development – providing a holistic view of success.

Take inspiration from these examples, find content, and curate it to your target audience’s interests while establishing yourself as an authority within your niche!

Best Practices

There are unspoken rules and etiquette when it comes to repurposing other people’s content.

These guidelines will help you ethically and effectively curate high-quality, relevant materials that resonate with your readers and foster relationships within your industry.

Give Credit by Tagging Original Sources

Always give credit where it’s due by tagging the original source or including a link back to their website. This shows courtesy to the originators and helps cultivate confidence with your followers as they can quickly check the legitimacy of what is being shared.

Use a Content Calendar for Organization

A well-organized content calendar is crucial for managing original and curated content effectively. 

By planning ahead and scheduling posts in advance, you can ensure consistency across all channels while avoiding last-minute scrambles or missed opportunities. 

A comprehensive calendar should include posting dates, topics or themes covered in each post (including keywords), and links to sources used during curation efforts – making it easier than ever before.

Post Content Consistently Across Channels

  • Social Media: Share curated content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram – ensuring maximum visibility among potential followers.
  • Email Newsletters: Incorporate curated materials into your email campaigns to keep subscribers engaged and informed. Tools like Mailchimp make integrating content curation alongside original pieces easy, creating a well-rounded reader experience.
  • Blogs: Feature curated articles or resources on your blog as part of a regular series or roundup posts – providing additional value by showcasing multiple perspectives on relevant topics within the industry.

These best practices will help build credibility, foster relationships with influencers in your niche, and provide valuable information that resonates. Now that we’ve answered “What is curated content,” let’s ensure we use it properly.

Remember, Hootsuite and ContentGems will streamline finding and sharing materials with your followers.

Avoid Over-Reliance on Curated Content

Maintain a healthy ratio of two pieces of curated material for every one piece of original content.

Always add personalized commentary or insights so that readers can understand how these articles relate specifically to your business or industry.

More About ContentGems and Hootsuite

Discover New Pieces with ContentGems

ContentGems scans thousands of articles daily from reputable sources based on your specified interests and delivers relevant content directly to your inbox. 

ContentGems is a great place to start looking for trending stories perfect for curating.
Start with ContentGems to Find Curate-Worthy Material.

Integrating ContentGems with other marketing tools such as Mailchimp or WordPress allows you to seamlessly incorporate curated materials into personalized communications like newsletters or blog posts.

Use Hootsuite to Plan & Schedule Curated Content

Hootsuite, a popular social media management platform, enables content marketers to efficiently curate information from multiple resources and schedule posts across social media. 

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily discover interesting content based on your keywords and organize them using customizable streams. 

Hootesuite lets you manage and share your curated content across social media platforms.
Hootesuite Lets You Share Curated Content Across Social Platforms

Additionally, Hootsuite has analytics that provides insights into the performance of your curated pieces.

Both are excellent options for streamlining the curation process, saving time, and ensuring you consistently share high-quality content with your audience.

What is Curated Content – FAQ

Is curated content credible?

Curated content can be credible if it’s sourced from reputable websites or publications and properly attributed to the original author. To ensure credibility when curating material for your audience, choose reliable sources that are known for providing accurate information within your niche and always give credit where it’s due.

What are the 3 types of content curation?

The three main types of content curation include:

  1. Syndication: Sharing existing articles in full or partially with permission from the source site.
  2. Aggregation: Collecting multiple pieces related to a single theme into one comprehensive resource.
  3. Elevation: Identifying trends across different sources and offering unique perspectives based on those patterns.

What is Curated Content – Wrap Up

So, I hope you now have a better understanding of what is curated content and how important it is for your content strategy.

To recap…

Content curation is a great way for digital business owners and bloggers to increase their presence and give valuable insight to readers.

You can create a successful curation strategy that engages your followers by choosing high-quality articles, adding personal commentary, and crediting original authors.

Analyse successful examples like Almost Timely News and The Newsette, and you will gain inspiration for your own curation strategy and be armed with the answer to “What is curated content.”

Use Hootsuite, ContentGems, and Mailchimp to streamline the processes. Good luck curating!

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