Test Products for Amazon and Get Paid

Do you believe you can test products for amazon and get paid? Well, not quite. There’s a catch, let me explain.

A way to get the most out of your Amazon experience, shop smart, and get rewarded for it is to become an Amazon product tester.

This beneficial role lets you have exclusive access to products while helping sellers improve upon their offerings.

Intrigued? Stick around as we unveil how you can test products for Amazon and rack up incentives along the way.

Understanding the Role of an Amazon Product Tester

Test products for Amazon and get paid - A look at the role of an Amazon tester

An Amazon Product Tester gets free or cheap stuff. They test the item and then tell what they think about it. Their job is to let sellers know how to make their products better. It also aids in making choices on price, packing, and advertising.

If you are a tester, give an honest review on Amazon’s website. Tell everything good and bad about the product. That way, other buyers can decide if they want to buy it or not.

The testers do not get cash for their reviews but keep any items sent for testing. Being part of the Vine program takes an invite from Amazon, though! This group has special people called “Vine Voices.”

These voices try out new things before anyone else can buy them!

Each voice earns ranks based on how well others like their input, too! So, everyone is encouraged to stay true when writing feedback because honesty leads to success in this role!

The Process of Becoming an Amazon Product Tester

Join Amazon Vine to become an Amazon product tester.

To become an Amazon Product Tester, you must follow a few steps. First, consider joining the invite-only Amazon Vine Voices program that Amazon runs. It’s also beneficial to sign up for various review sites linked with the platform, such as Vipon or Deal Go Go Go.

Remember to become an Amazon Prime member – it could boost your chances of getting chosen. Leveraging your blog or social media platforms can aid in propelling yourself into a tester role, so start showcasing and reviewing products in these spaces if you still need to do so.

Joining relevant Facebook groups will connect you with opportunities and help you network with sellers looking for reviewers like you.

Joining Amazon Vine Voices

Join Amazon Vine Voices to test products for Amazon and get paid by keeping free products for reviews.

Joining Amazon Vine Voices is an excellent way to test products for Amazon. This group gets free stuff from sellers. The sellers want feedback on their items. But you need help joining this group.

Amazon sends invites to people who leave helpful reviews.

Once in the group, members write about the products they get for free or at low cost. They share what worked and what could be better with each product they try out. It’s key that these responses are open and fair to help others shop well on the site.

While no pay is given for leaving notes about goods, all testers keep every item sent.

Signing Up for Amazon Review Sites

You can test products for Amazon and get paid by joining review sites. Sites like REBAID, VIPON, Deal Go Go Go, and SNAGSHOUT let you sign up to test items. Here’s what happens: Sellers offer free or discounted products on these sites.


They hope that testers will leave good reviews after trying the item. You are not forced to give a positive review, though! Keep your feedback honest and helpful at all times. Enjoy testing new things while earning from it too!

Becoming an Amazon Prime Member

You should join Amazon Prime to be a product tester. With an Amazon Prime account, you can test products faster. The shipping is fast and free for members. You also get more chances to try new products before others do.

Sellers might invite you to test their products too! As an Amazon Prime member, your honest feedback helps sellers make better things for all of us to use.

Utilizing Blog or Social Media Platforms

You can use a blog or social media to be a better Amazon product tester. Start a blog about products you test. Share your thoughts, good and bad, about the items. Use photos and videos when possible.

You can also use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for this! Be honest in every post you make. This will help sellers improve their products and users buy better ones.

In time, people will trust your reviews more and follow your posts regularly.

Joining Relevant Facebook Groups

Join Amazon Product Testers Facebook groups.

Being part of Facebook groups is a smart move for an Amazon product tester. These groups are filled with people who also test products. You can get advice from others who have been testing longer than you there.

You also find out about new chances to test and review items.

Sellers use these Facebook groups, too. They’re always looking for good testers to try their stuff before it’s sold on Amazon. So, being active in these groups might make sellers pick you! That way, you’ll stay ahead and always see the newest products first.

The Advantages of Being an Amazon Product Tester

Advantages of being an Amazon product tester.

As an Amazon Product Tester, you get access to exciting free products. You play a vital role in helping sellers improve their merchandise’s quality and functionality. This position allows you to boost your reputation as an influential reviewer within the Amazon community.

Additionally, product testing occasionally grants exclusive early access to yet-to-be-launched items. Lastly, your unbiased insights significantly influence customer purchase decisions by painting a realistic picture of the product’s performance and usability.

Test Products For Amazon and Get Paid with Free Products

As an Amazon Product Tester, you get free stuff! Sellers will send you items at no cost. All they ask for is your honest opinion on the product. Some sellers might even offer discounted products.

This means you pay less to test a product and then keep it after the tests. Products range from gadgets to beauty itemstoys, or kitchen tools.

The fun part is that sometimes, these are new things not yet on the market for others to buy! Being a tester works best for those who love trying new things and don’t want to wait.

Assisting Sellers in Product Improvement

As an Amazon Product Tester, you are crucial in bettering products. You give helpful input to Amazon sellers about their goods. This feeds into product quality and design changes.

Your real-world use helps spot issues that might not appear in lab tests. From packaging and shipping to usability and customer service, every aspect gets improved with your feedback.

Working hand in hand with sellers, you help create top-notch products that users will love!

Building a Strong Reputation

Being a good Amazon product tester helps you grow a strong name. People will trust your views if you write clear and fair reviews . You can help sellers make their products better by giving helpful feedback.

Also, being part of the invite-only Amazon Vine program shows you are reliable. This not only lifts your character but also opens doors for more chances to test items and other benefits.

Obtaining Exclusive Access to Unreleased Products

As an Amazon Product Tester, you get a unique chance. You can test the products before they hit the market. This means you are first in line to try out new items! These are often free products sent to you by sellers.

Your feedback will help shape the final product release. It’s like getting exclusive backstage passes in a concert but for cool stuff on Amazon!

Influencing Consumer Purchase Decisions

Being an Amazon Product Tester gives the power to shape shopping choices. The feedback a tester provides can sway a buyer’s decision. They may purchase the product based on what they read in the review.

This is especially true if your reviews are thoughtful and honest.

People put trust in well-written, clear reviews. Your work as a tester helps other shoppers make wise picks out of many options on Amazon’s site. If you find faults with a product, your words can help prevent others from making poor purchases.

How to Start Reviewing Products on Amazon

How to start reviewing products on Amazon

To kickstart your Amazon product reviewing career, create an Amazon account and select a product niche that aligns with your interests. Construct precise, unbiased reviews to offer value and honest insights for other potential buyers.

Always stay updated on new product launch dates to be one of the early reviewers. Finally, share your experience honestly, which will help sellers improve their products while helping consumers make informed purchase decisions.

Creating an Amazon Account and Choosing a Niche

Creating an Amazon account is your first step. Make sure to fill out all the needed data. This includes your name, address, and email. Next, pick a niche or product area you love most.

Let’s say games if you like playing them often or cooking tools if you’re good at cooking.

Why is choosing a niche important? It makes it easier for sellers to find the right product tester. For example, people who enjoy outdoor activities are best suited to test hiking gear.

For sellers in any product category, ranging from technological gadgets to household items, specialized knowledge can give valuable feedback about their goods.

So, part of being successful as an Amazon Tester involves sticking with what interests and excites you!

Writing Precise and Unbiased Reviews

To make great reviews, be exact and fair. Say what you liked or did not like about a product. Share your honest thoughts and feelings. Do not pick sides. Your goal is to help others make good buys, not to sell more products for the vendors.

Keep your reviews short but packed with helpful info. Use simple words that everyone can understand. Photos and videos add worth to your review because they let buyers see the product in use.

Keeping Track of New Product Launch Dates

To be the best product tester, you must know about new products immediately. Amazon lists soon-to-be-released items on its site. Make a habit of checking this page often! Being quick helps you get picked to test these products before others do.

Fast reviews improve your ratings as a tester, too. So always keep an eye open for launch dates and be ready to try out new stuff hot off the press!

Sharing Your Experience Honestly

Tell the truth when you write a review. Don’t try to be too nice or too mean. Just tell what happened in your own words. Say how well the product worked for you and if it’s good value for money.

Be clear about any problems or things that could be better. This helps people thinking about buying it to make up their minds and lets sellers know what they need to work on with their products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Product Testing

Curiosity often arises about the intricacies of Amazon product testing. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

What is the role of an Amazon Product Tester?

An Amazon product tester tests products and provides detailed, unbiased feedback to help sellers improve their products and make informed pricing, packaging, and marketing decisions.

How can I become an Amazon product tester?

You can become an Amazon product tester by joining Amazon Vine Voices, signing up for Amazon review sites, becoming an Amazon Prime member, using your blog or social media platforms, and joining relevant Facebook groups.

What are the benefits of becoming an Amazon product tester?

The benefits of being an Amazon product tester include:

  • Receiving free products.

  • Assisting sellers in product improvement.

  • Building a reputation.

  • Getting exclusive access to unreleased products.

  • Influencing consumer purchase decisions.

Do I need to be an Amazon Prime Member to test products?

While not a requirement, being an Amazon Prime member may offer additional opportunities for product testing.

What is Amazon Vine, and how can I join?

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program for reviewers to try out new products and provide feedback. To join, you’ll need to provide detailed and unbiased reviews consistently for every purchase on Amazon.

Do I get paid to be an Amazon Vine member?

While Amazon Vine members do not receive cash payments for their reviews, they get to keep the products they test, which can include high-value items.

How should I review products on Amazon?

Writing precise, unbiased reviews and sharing your honest experience is important, especially for products like gadgets and appliances that require more descriptive feedback for potential buyers.

Are all reviews left by product testers truthful?

Although there are some fake reviews around – most of them written for coupon codes or other perks – many dedicated product testers aim to provide unbiased reviews about their tested goods’ positive and negative aspects.

Can earning by testing impact my standing with Amazon?

Yes, if done right! Providing quality reviews improves your reviewer rank on the platform, enhancing your reviewer credibility and making more opportunities available, such as access to new product launches under Seller collaborations.

How does being a good tester help businesses on Amazon?

A good tester offers feedback about new features plus any drawbacks, including functionality issues, while providing suggestions about potential improvements, enabling better performance-driven decisions and improving beneficial outcomes on both sides- seller profitability & buyer satisfaction.


Alright, let’s wrap this up! Diving into the world of Amazon product testing isn’t just about snagging free goodies (although that’s a sweet bonus).

It’s about contributing genuine feedback to help sellers enhance their products and guiding fellow shoppers in making informed decisions.

You can get free stuff by being an Amazon product tester. You must write good and honest reviews for the products to do this. This helps sellers make better things to sell. It’s fun and can help others with their buying choices, too.

So, if you’re up for some fun experiments with products and want to sprinkle some good karma in the Amazon universe, becoming a product tester is your ticket in!

Happy testing!

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